Our Mandate

Our Mandate

Construction plays a vital role in South Africa’s economic and social development and serves as a large scale employer. It provides the physical infrastructure that makes up the backbone of our country’s economic activity.

Established by Act 38, of 2000, the Construction Industry Development Board is a Schedule 3a public entity created to lead industry stakeholders in construction development.

Our Focus Areas

The role of the cidb is to facilitate and promote the improved contribution of the construction industry to SA’s economy and society.

Amongst others, the cidb promotes:

  • Uniformity in construction procurement
  • Efficient and effective infrastructure delivery
  • Construction industry performance improvement
  • Industry transformation and skills development

Scope of Work

All contractors wishing to tender for construction projects in the public sector must be registered with us at the cidb. Home building is excluded from the cidb’s scope of work, which falls within the mandate of the National Home Builders Regulatory Council (NHBRC). Contractors working within the public sector housing projects field therefore do not need to be registered on the cidb Register of Contractors.

Clients must register their projects on the cidb Register of Projects. Registration is required for projects exceeding R200,000.00 in value in the public sector and projects exceeding R10 million in value in the private sector and state-owned entities.

Both the Register of Contractors and the Register of Projects play a critical role in our efforts in ensuring local construction industry success.

Should you have any questions about the registration process or if you should be registered with the cidb, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Alternatively, please click here to find your provincial email address, or phone our head office on +27 86 100 2432 or +27 12 482 7200. We will do our utmost best to provide you with answers and guidance as soon as possible.

Together We Can

Together we can build a South African construction industry that serves continued social and economic growth, while delivering projects at globally competitive standards.

Department of Public Works

The cidb is an agency of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) under the Executive Authority of the Minister. The Minister also appoints the cidb Board. The Department of Public Works is responsible for approval of cidb strategies and plans as articulated in the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan (APP). The cidb reports on its performance to the Minister on a quarterly and annual basis.

Progress is also reported annually to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Works, which has oversight responsibility.