Heritage Day “Those without heritage, history, and place are subject to exploitation, manipulation, and deception.” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman “We really want to see the B.U.I.L.D Programme implemented fully, because it has grea targets including the direction of billions of rands to developing enterprises per year with developmental support.” - Deputy Minister – Noxolo Kiviet

NEWS ALERTS | Kindly note that the cidb Western Cape Provincial office will close at 13:00 today (7 September 2022) due to staff training. Business will resume on 8 September 2022, we apologise for the inconvenience      Read More

Aiding contractors on their application journeys

Access contractors register, guidelines & regulations

Enhance your local construction industry knowledge

Creating structured workplace learning opportunities

Partnering with you to achieve South Africa’s construction industry success

Established by Act 38 of 2000, cidb helps to transform the construction industry through inclusivity, high ethical standards, and amplifies contributions made by industry participants towards South Africa’s economy & society. All government institutions must register their projects in the Register of Projects. 

Contractors must apply for grading through the cidb to become listed in the Register of Contractors and subsequently advance their business opportunities. All firms providing consultancy to clients and contracts in the building environment, must comply with the cidb.

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As the cidb we’re here to help guide you through the labyrinth of regulations and latest standards, putting you at the top of your game.
Registering with the cidb has its benefits, allowing contractors access to tender for all government projects.  
At cidb, we strive to develop thriving partnerships through effective procurement practices and world-class construction standards.  

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Fraud Alert

Don’t fall prey to scams. There are many of these around and they are always doing the rounds. Whilst we as the cidb will always do our best to alert you when they come to our attention, you as the contractor must be alert and vigilant. Contact our Anonymous Fraud Line on 0800 112 432.

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