Practice Notes

​​​Practice_Note_33.jpgcidb’s Inform Practice Notes provide guidance and clarity in achieving client objectives in construction procurement and delivery. Practice Notes inform clients and practitioners on how to embrace best practice and how to deal with issues that may arise. They are aligned with, but do not replace regulation. 



Practice Note 1.pdfScaling up Delivery and Accelerating EmpowermentPractice Note 1Version 1
Practice Note 2.pdfCorrecting Arithmetical Errors in TendersPractice Note 2Version 3
Practice Note 3.pdfApplying the Register of Contractors in Construction Works ContractsPractice Note 3Version 2
Practice Note 4.pdfProcuring Best Value in Construction Works Practice Note 4Version 2
Practice Note 5.pdfEvaluating Tender OffersPractice Note 5Version 2
Practice Note 6.pdfCompetitive Selection of Professional Service ProvidersPractice Note 6Version 2
Practice Note 7.pdfSubcontracting ArrangementsPractice Note 7Version 1
Practice Note 8.pdfRemunerating Professional Service Providers Practice Note 8Version 2
Practice Note 9.pdfEvaluation of Quality in Tender SubmissionsPractice Note 9Version 2
Practice Note 10.pdfAttaining Social and Economic DeliverablesPractice Note 10Version 1
Practice Note 11.pdfProgramme Management Approach to DeliveryPractice Note 11Version 1
Practice Note 12.pdfThe Competitive Negotiations ProcedurePractice Note 12Version 1
Practice Note 13.pdfIdentifying a Construction Works Contract Practice Note 13Version 2
Practice Note 14.pdfSelecting a Contractor on a Competitive BasisPractice Note 14Version 2
Practice Note 15.pdfFramework AgreementsPractice Note 15Version 3
Practice Note 16.pdfAdvance PaymentsPractice Note 16Version 1
Practice Note 17.pdfSecuring Supplies of Critical Plant and MaterialsPractice Note 17Version 1
Practice Note 18.pdfCancellation of TendersPractice Note 18Version 1
Practice Note 19.pdfStreamlining Payment ProcessesPractice Note 19Version 1
Practice Note 20.pdfApplying the Register of Contractors to FencingPractice Note 20Version 1
Practice Note 21.pdfBills of Quantities (BoQ)Practice Note 21Version 1
Practice Note 22a.pdfcidb Infrastructure Gateway System - an OverviewPractice Note 22aVersion 2
Practice Note 22b.pdfcidb Infrastructure Gateway System - Stages Practice Note 22bVersion 2
Practice Note 22c.pdfcidb Infrastructure Gateway System - Reviews Practice Note 22cVersion 1
Practice Note 23.pdfConstruction Procurement Strategy Practice Note 23Version 1
Practice Note 24.pdfManaging Construction Procurement ProcessesPractice Note 24Version 1
Practice Note 27.pdfContracting and Pricing Strategies for WorksPractice Note 27Version 1
Practice Note 28.pdfObjectives Linked to Infrastructure DeliveryPractice Note 28Version 1
Practice Note 29.pdfAllocating Sustainable Work Opportunities to Contractor Development ProgrammesPractice Note 29Version 1
Practice Note 31.pdfRequirements for Registered Professionals on Construction Works ContractsPractice Note 31Version 2
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