Understanding the Procurement Cycle

The cidb Best Practice Guideline A1: The Procurement Cycle (1001) identifies six principal procurement activities that apply to all procurement irrespective of their categorization as supplies, services and engineering and construction works.

It also identifies the generic steps (sub-activities) associated with such activities and the logical points in the process where controls should be introduced. The actions associated with these activities and sub-activities are documented as well as the inputs and outputs to each of the actions in a logical framework. The practice guide also presents the recommended approach to performing the various activities and sub-activities

A2: Applying the procurement prescripts of the cidb in the public sector (1002) - fifth edition - December 2007
This practice guide provides guidelines on the application of the cidb's Standard for Uniformity in Construction. It also establishes the relationship between this standard and National Treasury's Regulatory Framework for Supply Chain Management. Guidance is also provided on the establishment of a procurement policy within an institution and the manner in which procurement may be managed and controlled.