Standards for Performance Improvement


Best Practice, taking the industry forward, delivering to all

The cidb is mandated to promote best practice on public sector contracts to influence the construction industry to improved quality, productivity and value for money to its clients, as well as greater health and safety and environmental protection to its workforce and the general public.


Project Assessment Scheme

The aim of the cidb Project Assessment Scheme is to enhance the performance of public and private sector clients in the development of the construction industry. The CIDB Act requires that, after a date determined by the Minister, all construction contracts above a prescribed tender value must be subject to an assessment of best practice standards and guidelines published by the Board. 


Standard for Indirect Targeting for Enterprise Development

Transformation of the construction industry and the development of small, medium and large contractors remains a priority to support transformation and to grow the capabilities of emerging contractors.

The cidb Standard for Indirect Targeting for Enterprise Development provides for development of emerging contractors on public sector projects through subcontracting and joint ventures. Click here to read the standard...


Standard for Developing Skills

The construction industry is facing a shortage of professional skills and skilled workers. Trainees also find it difficult to get work-place experience on construction sites.

To assist trainees to get workplace experience, the cidb Standard for Developing Skills provides for workplace training of interns and up-skilling of company employees in programmes that result in nationally accredited outcomes. Click here to read the standard...


Green Building Certification

The cidb Best Practice: Green Building Certification (published in gazette 34158 of 1 April 2011) identified the Green Star SA rating tool "Office Version 1" of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as a best practice to be followed in the design of office buildings. Click here to read the standard...


Standard for Minimum Requirements for Engaging Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Subcontracting is an integral component of the construction industry, and its importance has been increasing over the last two decades. This has an impact on payment practices, the division of labour within the industry, employment and skills patterns, productivity and quality, and the industry’s health, safety and environmental management practices. Click here to read the standard...


Standard for Contract Participation Goals

Communities have a justifiable expectation to benefit from construction works activities within their areas, and contract participation goals are common place. However, political interference, nepotism and inadequate community consultation often results in conflict between parties,

The cidb Standard for Contract Participation Goals promotes uniformity and standardisation in contract participation goals (CPGs), and provides for conflict resolution mechanisms in respect of contract participation goals. Click here to read the standard...