Quality as Evaluation Criteria


Discerning clients consider value for money when evaluating tenders. Quality based selection is particularly relevant in the construction procurement process when it is critical to identify the most economically advantageous offer on the basis of a specific criteria and a point scoring system.  

The following cidb guidelines are intended to give clients support on how to factor quality into procurement:   

cidb Guides:

A4: Evaluating quality in tender submissions (1004)
This practice guide defines quality within the procurement context and reviews the requirements for evaluating quality according to regulatory requirements and the provisions of the cidb Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement for the evaluation of quality. It furthermore provides practical guidelines on the awarding of preferences for a) quality, b) pre-qualification on the basis of quality, c) the scoring of tender submissions in terms of quality and price/ or quality, price and preference

Practice Note 30: Blacklisting of Contractors for Non-Performance 
This Practice Note discusses actions that organs of state can take against contractors for non-performance. The Practice Note concludes that all issues of non-performance of contractors on contracts issued by organs of state should first be dealt with in terms of the contractual procedures between the employer and the contractor. Beyond that performance issues should be referred to the cidb in terms of a potential breach of the cidb Code of Conduct and not as blacklisting of the contractor on the National Treasury database of restricted suppliers in terms of Section 13 of the Preferential Procurement Regulations (June 2011).

Practice Note 9: Evaluation of Quality in Tender Submission
Tender submissions may be evaluated in terms of price alone, price and preference, price and quality, or price, quality and preference. The introduction of quality into the evaluation of tenders, although introducing a number of complexities into the evaluation of tender submissions, enables the most favourable offer to be established, where objective criteria other than price and preference need to be evaluated. This practice note provides an overview of the manner in which uality may be evaluated in tender submissions, identifies the circumstances under which quality should be evaluated andprovides a practical procedure to do so