Notes and Templates for Compilers of Procurement Documents


Function and broad outline of contents





Compiler Guidance Note

Word Template


Tender Cover
Tender Contents

Part T1: Tendering procedures


Tender notice and invitation to tender

Alerts tenderers to the nature of the supplies, services and engineering and construction works required by the employer and should contain sufficient information to enable them to respond appropriately.


Tender data

States the applicable conditions of tender and associated tender specific data that e stablishes the rules from the time that tenders are invited to the time that a tender is awarded.


Part T2: Returnable documents


List of returnable documents

Ensures that everything the employer requires a tenderer to submit with his tender is included in, or returned with, his tender submission.



Returnable schedules

Contains documents that the tenderer is required to complete for the purpose of evaluating tenders and other schedules which upon acceptance become part of the subsequent contract.

See table

returnable documents



Word Template

Record of Addenda to tender documents

Compulsory document that is to be included in all procurement documents


Compulsory Enterprise Questionnaire

Compulsory document that is to be included in all procurement procurements


Certificate of Authority for Joint Ventures

Include where JVs are likely to submit tenders


Proposed amendments and qualifications

Should be included in all procurement documents


Preferencing schedule

Should be used for preferential procurement


Evaluation Schedule: Approach paper

Use where quality is evaluated using the five point logarithmic scale. Refine as necessary.


Evaluation Schedule: Tenderer’s Experience


Evaluation Schedule: Proposed Organisation and staffing


Evaluation Schedule: Experience of Key Staff


Evaluation Schedule: Quality Control Procedures