cidb WorldSkills

cidb WorldSkills


At the cidb, we are passionate about skills development in the construction industry. Our passion for development comes across most evidently in our youth skills development initiatives, helping to shape South Africa’s up and comers as well as the country’s future.

We proudly support youth skills development through participation in the WorldSkills Competition, for example.

WorldSkills Competition

The WorldSkills International Competition brings together youth from no less than 64 countries to compete for best of the best in various vocational skills each year. WorldSkills increases the visibility, prestige, quality and popularity of trade skills among learners trained at TVET colleges.

South Africa’s participation in various skills across all sectors of the economy is spearheaded by WorldSkills South Africa. 

As the cidb, our focus and leadership is in construction skills, where we are the lead agency in South Africa. We have assisted young learners to participate in WorldSkills competitions in Abu Dhabi in 2017 and Russia in 2019. We are now gearing up for the next WorldSkills Competition in Bangkok, China in 2021. 

Our WorldSkills participation is increasing and includes various skills such as bricklaying, electrical installations, plumbing and heating. Through WorldSkills the cidb gives South African youth the exposure as well as the experience of testing their expertise, speed and dexterity against the world’s best.  

Competition begins at grassroot levels, with contestants qualifying to represent South Africa at WorldSkills through a rigorous process.  Selection starts at individual TVET College levels, where schools field their best learners to provincial competitions. Provincial winners battle it out at national level to determine the national winner in each trade.  

The Trailblazers

  1. Mihle Mvelakubi represented South Africa in the 2017 WorldSkills bricklaying competition in Abu Dhabi
  2. Mncedisi Mkhaliphi represented South Africa in the 2019 WorldSkills bricklaying competition in Russia
  3. Phindile Mngadi represented South Africa in the 2019 WorldSkills electrical installations competition in Russia
  4. Keagan Lucas represented South Africa in the 2019 WorldSkills plumbing and heating competition in Russia