You have the grade. Now add the advantage

Are you a performance driven contractor, registered between cidb Grades 2 to 9 and looking to take your company to the next level? The cidb Contractor Recognition Scheme may be just the push you need to set your company apart from the rest. 

The cidb has launched a campaign to kick start recognition of registered contractors who can demonstrate to clients, possession of additional advantages that clearly separate them from the competition when tendering.

The campaign introduces the cidb Contractor Recognition Scheme, established in terms of the CIDB Act 38 of 2000 and initiated through Government Gazette No 39204 of 11 September 2015.

The Contractor Recognition Scheme allows the cidb to recognize contractors with capabilities that can withstand the test of specific cidb standards. To be recognised to these standards all contractor must apply to the cidb and provide requisite evidence of their capabilities.

Currently the cidb has the following standards that contractors can apply to be recognised to;

  • The Competence Standard for Contractors; and
  • The Standard for Construction Management Systems.

In addition, the Standard for Contractor Performance Report will recognise the performance of contractors on construction works.

If you believe that your company can meet the requirements of these standards please hurry to the nearest cidb provincial office to apply for recognition, or select the application form you wish to download below:  

Application for Competence Assessment and Recognition​​​

Application for Recognition of Management Systems 


You have the grade. Now add the advantage!