Standards for Performance Improvement


Implementation of the cidb Best Practice Contractor Recognition Scheme

The cidb has given notice of implementation of the Best Practice Contractor Recognition Scheme in Government Gazette No 39204 of 11 September, 2015.

The Scheme is aimed at supporting contractor performance improvement as well as risk management in the construction industry.  It establishes minimum acceptable standards that are necessary for running a contracting company and for supervising building and construction works. It will lay the foundation for clients to better assess the capabilities and performance of contractors in a uniform and consistent manner.

The cidb Contractor Recognition Scheme is underpinned by best practices and standards published by the cidb in the Government Gazette. Contractors are encouraged to get themselves benchmarked and recognized against these standards and best practices. They are:

The Competence Standard for Contractors

The construction environment is fiercely competitive and the need is ever high for contractors to deliver quality and value to clients. Contractors are encouraged to submit themselves for recognition against the cidb Competence Standard.

The cidb also encourages clients to use the skills and competencies of a contractor as a measure of quality, when evaluating tenders. These can be measured against the cidb Competence Standard for Contractors, which sets competency benchmarks at different levels of cidb contractor grading.

The Standard empowers contractors to know where to pitch their training needs, against generally accepted industry norms. It further provides for accreditation of prior learning (APL). APL provides for recognition of knowledge acquired outside the classroom, as this knowledge can now be pegged to a qualification.

When contractors know minimum skills and competencies required at each cidb grade they are empowered to take charge of their own development trajectory in order to compete equally on level playing fields.

To get cidb recognition against the Competence Standard for Contractors or apply for APL assessment please contact Pranveer Harriparsadh on 012 482 7230 or e.mail to: Contractors may also contact any of the nine cidb provincial offices.

Click here to download the cidb Competence Standard


The Standard for Contractor Performance Reports

It is good practice to evaluate the performance of a contractor at the end of a project.

The cidb Standard for Contractor Performance Report is moving the industry towards a uniform method of evaluating a contractor's performance on a construction project, particularly in the public sector

The Standard sets performance measures against time, cost, quality, site management and the management of health and safety. Currently clients use different measures to evaluate performance.

The use of common performance norms and standards will enable clients to recognise consistent performers when evaluating tenders. It will also enable a contractor to build a track record that can be recognized by any client in any province.

Standard measures will also help contractors and the industry to monitor, analyze and to compare trends in performance across grades, provinces, classes of works or any other criteria. 

Click here to download cidb Standard for Contractor Performance Reports for Grade 1

Click here to download cidb Standard for Contractor Peformance Reports for Grades 2 -9  


Construction Management Systems

The cidb encourages contractors to adopt and get accredited to the following best practice construction management systems which form part of the cidb Best Practice Contractor Recognition Scheme:

  • SANS ISO 9001 for quality management
  • SANS ISO 14001 for environmental management
  • SANS OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety management
  • SANS 1393 covering health and safety, and quality and environment. SANS 1393 is aimed at contractors in cidb Grades 5 to 9 and allows for later expansion and conversion to meet ISO or OHSAS requirements

Click here to download cidb Standard for Construction Management Systems


Specification for Fraud and Corruption Management System 

In the wake of corruption incidences within the South African construction industry and the cases of collusion brought to the fore by the Competition Commission, it is the cidb's view that organisations need to demonstrate that they are implementing anti-corruption measures and that their business practices are ethical. The cidb has identified certification to BS 10500 Specification for Anti-bribery Management Systems (ABMS), but extended to fraud and corruption as a best practice for Grade 9 contractors.  

Click here to download specification for Fraud and Corruption Management System


Other Standards:

The cidb has also identified the following best practice standards which are part of the Project Assessment Scheme:

Standard for Indirect Targeting for Enterprise Development

Standard for Skills Development through Infrastructure Contracts