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​National Contractor Development Framework​

​​​Contractor development aims to create opportunity for emerging contractors to build capacity, capability and sustainability to play a meaningful role in infrastructure development. It also promotes empowerment to redress historical imbalances. 

An estimated 80% of Government infrastructure spend is concentrated at cidb Grades 7 to 9 level contractors, where projects are accessed by about 11% of cidb registered contractors. Among key drivers of Government procurement and expenditure patterns is the need for delivery efficiency, the complexity of projects and concentration of capacity in higher grades 7 to 9.

Contractor development aims to boost the delivery capacity and capability, as well as sustainability of emerging contractors, who constitute an estimated 80% of cidb registered contractors. Sustainability includes improving access by these contractors to Government infrastructure projects.    

Contractor development is therefore a deliberate Government policy to implement strategies aimed at empowerment of the emerging sector. The cidb spearheads this process by providing the industry with guidelines and standards, forging strategic partnerships with critical stakeholders and by strengthening Government ability to develop and implement targeted contractor development interventions. 

Summary National Contractor Development Programme Framework