Guidelines for Contractor Development Programmes


Guidelines for contractor development:

  1. National Contractor Development Programme Framework
  2. Implementing Contractor Development Programmes
  3. Procurement Strategies to Support Contractor Development
  4. Financial Modeling Options for Contractor Support and Development

 NCDP Summary Framework
 The National Contractor Development Programme (ncdp) is geared at enhancing capacity, promoting equity ownership across the different contracting categories and grades, as well as improving skills and performance in the delivery of capital works across the public sector. The summary NCDP framework establishes the parameters for implementation of the NCDP by the National and Provincial Departments of Public Works and the cidb and other stakeholders in the development of registered contractors.


Guidelines for Implementing Contractor Development Programmes
The cidb guidelines are generally for government clients that intend establishing a CDP using direct procurement as a means of engaging contractors. It is applicable to Grade 2 to 6 contractors with a track record and excludes newly established contracting enterprises, but certain principles can be applied to other grades where clients deem it appropriate. The guidelines only apply in detail to contractors in the General Building or Civil Engineering Classes of Works, but the principles can be applied to other Classes of Works.

Procurement strategies for implementing contractor development