Report Fraud

​Blow the whistle on fraud and corruption. Report suspected fraudulent and corrupt practices on 0800 112 432. It's a free and anonymous hotline. You can also send us an e.mail to

All reported cases of fraud and corruption are thoroughly investigated by independent forensic investigators. Where sufficient grounds exist, the cidb can institute a formal inquiry in terms of Section 29 of the Construction Industry Development (CID) Regulations of 2004, as amended. Findings and sanctions are published in a Government Gazette as well as on this website.  

Type of cases that may be reported on our toll free fraud and corruption hotline are:

  1. Suspected cases of fraudulent contractor registration
  2. Soliciting of bribes by staff, from contractors registering on the cidb Register of Contractors
  3. Failure by a public sector client, to apply the Register of Contractors when awarding construction contracts
  4. Inappropriate application of the Register of Contractors by a public sector client in order to circumvent the rules when awarding construction tenders
  5. General corruption in the award of construction tenders
  6. Contravention of the cidb Code of Conduct

Principles governing the conduct of parties to construction procurement:

In the interests of a healthy industry that delivers value to clients and society, the parties involved in construction procurement should, in their dealings with each other:

  1. Behave equitably, honestly and transparently
  2. Discharge duties and obligations timeously and with integrity
  3. Comply with all applicable legislation and associated regulations
  4. Satisfy all relevant requirements established in procurement documents
  5. Avoid conflicts of interest
  6. Not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure the reputation of another party